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Steps to reinstall an Acer Aspire

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Posted on: 11/13/17

Acer Aspire laptop comes in a variety of colorful options with a modish metallic textile pattern. It has a lot of added enhancements and you can get the richer media experience and a lot more, but sometimes you may face an issue with your laptop.

In case you have an Acer Aspire and suddenly started to experience issues like system slow downs, registry error, virus attack, files got corrupted trouble, program freezing and much more; you need to reinstall your PC immediately. Luckily, Acer makes extremely easy for its users to resolve the issue. The built-in Windows Restore function in Acer Aspire can be used to overcome many issues.

Let’s go through the reinstalling procedure with help of Acer Aspire Technical Help Phone Number in your laptop.

Steps to reinstall an Acer Aspire:

•       The first step says to turn on your computer system and wait for the "Acer Splash Screen" to appear.

•       Afterwards, you have to press the "Alt" key and "F10" keys together at the time of seeing the splash screen. And until you are brought to the "Windows eRecovery Options Screen."

•       Then you need to select the Windows Installation choice that too from the main screen.

•       You need to select which Windows OS you want to overwrite. In general you will only have one OS and you can enter the "1" key.

•       On the other hand, if you have Linux as the first OS and Windows as your second, you have to press the number that corresponds to the operating system you are replacing.

•       Then after select to partition your C:/ drive or any drive Windows OS is installed on. And this will reformat your drive and install a fresh copy of Windows.

•       Simply, allow the procedure for running and your drive will be formatted. This will make your Windows reinstall to your computer.

•       You have to request a recovery CD from Acer in case Alt + F10  choice doesn’t work.

•       You can easily find Acer Support in the "Additional Resources Section" which is at the bottom of this page.

•       Finally, you can follow the same steps as listed above just after booting your PC with the CD in the drive.


You have to follow the steps as it is mentioned above. In case of any inconvenience you can take the instant assistance of Acer professionals using  Acer Aspire Contact Number anytime you feel like. 



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Steps to reinstall an Acer Aspire
Acer Aspire laptop comes in a variety of colorful optionswith a modish metallic textile pattern. It has a lot of ... ...



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